Winter Care : How to keep your grass green all winters 


Lawn management during the winter months is not easy. The cold temperatures can make you want to run inside for warmth. The cold winds and harsh weather can do a number on your landscaping design and your lawn. There are some tips to help you keep your grass green all year even during the winter.

Prepare the Lawn

Before the temperatures drop and the snow falls you need to prepare your lawn for the winter. You need to rake the soil yard around the base of the tree. This will help the grass have access to additional nutrients. This will help support the roots of the plants. It is important to make sure no weeds are growing in the yard. Removing the weeds will avoid the grass from dying and taking up valuable nutrients. The lawn should be properly prepped for the cooler months.

Mow Higher

Allow the grass to be a higher length than normal. This will help insulate this and allow the roots to become stronger. This will also keep the grass from dying.

Use Grass Seeds

At the beginning of fall put more seed than usual down. This will allow the grass to grow in plenty of time before the frost begins. The grass will also become dense and allow the lawn to look green even during the winter months. It is important to water the grass as much as three times a day. This will help support the growth of the new grass. Once the grass grows to be an inch tall cut down to watering it once a day.


Before winter comes the grass will need plenty of nutrients. The fertilizer will help strengthen the grass. There are specific types of fertilizers that can be used during the winter months. A person should visit this local lawn care center to find the type of fertilizer for the grass that will help support it and keep it growing during the winter months.

Take Precautions

As the weather begins to get cool do not mow the lawn after it rains. This will kill it and put the lawn at risk for developing mold or fungus. Do not walk on the grass when it is cold. This will also cause damage to it. All lawn furniture should be taken off of the grass before the first frost hits. During the cooler months, it is important to be delicate with the lawn. There should be no pressure put on the grass as this will cause unnecessary damage. To keep the grass green it is best to staff off it during the winter.

Remove Ice

If the lawn is covered with ice gently chip it away. The lawn can handle some of the weather but if there is ice on it this will prevent it from getting the nutrients that it needs. Removing the ice will give the lawn a better chance of surviving and staying green all year. An ice chipper can be used to remove some of the larger pieces of ice that are on the lawn.

Plant Seasonal Grass

Some types of grass can handle the winter months and remain green. These types of grass can survive the harsh temperatures and winter conditions. Perennial Rye grass is one of the best types of winter grasses to plant. Thermal Blue Grass and Zoysia Grass also stay green during the winter.

These are some tips for keeping the grass green during the winter months. The winter is harsh but by following these tips you can give your lawn the chance to stay green and remain green during the winter.


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