Your Guide to Choosing the Right Shower Bathroom Remodel Kits


The shower or tub is the centerpiece of a well-designed bathroom. It should be clean, attractive, inviting, and above all functional. There are a number of bathroom remodel kits on the market. These range from two and three wall enclosures to square and angled shower pans. There is even wheelchair- and ADA-friendly options. Which kit is right for your space? Ask yourself four simple questions:

Do you want a dual-purpose kit?

Why choose between invigorating showers and relaxing soaks in a tub? Bathtub enclosures give you the best of both worlds. Look for walls that interlock tightly to prevent moisture from getting in behind the unit. Sturdy materials and easy to maintain materials are another priority. You can add versatility to the space by getting kits with built-in bathroom shelves. Finally, for a household that includes people of different ages and mobility levels, consider installing grab bars and non-slip stickers within the tub.

Do you need to maximize space?

The right kit for bathroom remodeling overland park ks can spell the difference between a cozy and a cramped bathroom. An angled shower pan lets you tuck the shower into a corner. Here, the door opens into the direct center of the room. This leads to very space-efficient floor traffic. You can also select a smaller shower pan and a two wall enclosure. Finally, before installation, double check that the shower door won’t knock against anything when it’s opened.

Are you looking for a luxurious shower experience?

There are a number of ways to add a ‘wow’ factor to your bathroom while still using affordable shower kits. Simple upgrades include adding a second shower head installing more in-shower storage space via small shelves tucked into the corners. For a bigger impact, you can exchange that shower curtain for chic glass walls and a glass door that glides on rollers. Finally, you may upgrade to a larger shower pan, giving you more elbow room in the shower space.

Will people with special needs be using the shower?

People with limited mobility, including seniors and those who use wheelchairs, require specialized fixtures. These bathroom remodel kits generally include multiple sturdy grab bars, low profile or flexible thresholds, shower seats, shower wands with easy to access controls, and more. However, these spaces aren’t just functional. Ideally, a handicap-accessible shower unit should also look classically attractive and be easy to keep clean.

Would you like to learn more about our shower and bathtub wall kits? Our website has a wealth of resources. Don’t miss our instructional videos, which share tips and tricks for convenient installation. You can also call us at 888-228-4925 with any questions.

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