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5 Roof Maintenance Tips You Need To Know


Just like any other part of the house, a roof is also an investment. We need to invest in it because it keeps us away from bad weather, animals, and falling debris. Unfortunately, this is the last part of the house that we take care of when there’s a problem encountered involving the roof.

If the roof is properly taken care of, it can last up to 25-30 years, depending on the materials used. If the roof has issues, replacing or fixing it may be expensive. It can cost as much as $18,800, $12,000 for the installation and $5,000 for the new roof. But if you prefer high end materials, your expenses may go up higher to as much as $36,000.

Once you spend this much for your roof, you need to make sure that it will really last a lifetime. You need to do some serious regular inspections and cleanings.

Whether your roof is brand-new or very old, here are five helpful ways on how you can keep it to its good condition:

Perform regular inspection – whenever the season changes, you need to do a regular check up on your roof to see if there are minor problems occuring.

Trim your trees – you may not know this but tree limbs hanging over your roof can be a serious damage. Make sure to regularly trim your trees at home

Get rid of debris – Aside from the tree limbs, you also need to be extra cautious to debris like leaves, sticks, and other things that can clog the gutter system and destroy your roof.

Clean the gutters – if there are debris on the gutter, always clean them to keep the roof in its good condition.

Install attic insulation and ventilation – this prevents water damage to the roof and stops your roof from distorting

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