4 Most Common Central Heating Problems

Heating Problems

A central heating system is used to provide warmth to the interior of the building or a portion of the building; combined with other systems, the whole system can be an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Many technologies provide this system, such as space heating, electrical heating, steam heat, central solar heating, and many more.

Nearly every technology has these same four common problems. Technologies like solar heating and electrical heating are new in the business. Let’s discuss older technologies first, like space heating and steam heating.

In space heating, heat is generated in one place like in a furnace room or basement, and then it is distributed to the whole building through forced-air ductwork. This technology is not considered a central heating system, but it still has the same problems. Steam heating is the cheap alternative of space heating in this steam a furnace burns fuel oil, and then the steam is blown through the ductwork. Modernized technologies like electric heating use electricity to heat the interior, and solar heating uses solar technology to provide warmth.

Nearly every technology suffers from problems; we are going to discuss the common issues in these technologies.

1. Boiler not working

Kettling is the sound made by these boilers if they are not working properly and it comes in the form of hissing, popping and banging. It means your boiler can be overheating, which can be a severe hazard. When you listen to this type of noise, switch off it immediately; if the kettling sound is still audible, it is not with your pilot light. The boilers overheating can be stopped; you have to find the air bleed screw and vent the excess air from the system.

2. Ageing Boiler

Most boilers have a useful life of 10-15 years. With cautious maintenance, the life of the boiler can be expanded. As the boiler’s ages, it becomes less effective and more prone to breakdowns and faults. Most of the time, it is better to replace the boiler than repeatedly repairing it. You should also get professional service once a year regardless of the age of the boiler.

3. Leakages in the boiler

Leaking pipes is a widespread problem in central heating. If there is a leaky pipe joint, you can fix them yourself by tightening the joint. Be careful, as tightening the joint can damage the pipe or joint. Tightening the joint may not work if the damage is enormous; you may need apply sealant. Here it is worth to mention, this particular solution of leaky joints is not permanent; you have to contact professionals to replace the pipes.

4. Radiator

Your radiator can have the cold patches on radiators on them. If your radiator is only warm at the bottom, its cause can be the air trapped in the system. You can get rid of it by bleeding the radiator. If it is cold from the bottom, the flow of heat can be obstructed by rust and call professional local plumber.

Humans need warmth, and the central heating system is an excellent technology for providing heat to a whole building or a portion of the building. If it is combined with other systems, it can also act as ventilation or air conditioning.

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