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5 Factors to Compare the Best Faucet Filters


If you think the water you drink is perfectly safe and free of pollutants and chemicals, you may be wrong. The water you get at your home has its share of hazardous elements like lead, arsenic, and chlorine.

The only way to remove such chemicals is by investing in a reliable faucet filter. From Pur to Brita and more, there are hundreds of models you can compare to choose the best filter for your home. So, it is essential to understand the pros and cons between Pur and Brita faucet filter before settling on one.

Use these factors to compare the faucet filters in your list quickly.

Filter Faucet’s Design

Just like how you buy matching curtains and bed covers, it is also essential to think about the design when buying faucet filters. Besides considering the durability factor, you must also compare different models and pick one that will complement your kitchen interior.

While comparing the pros and cons between Pur and Brita faucet filters, check whether the model will bring a balance of quality and beauty to your kitchen.

Some features which make up an appealingly designed filter are:

  • Suitable Materials
  • Lightweight filter faucets
  • Smaller and compact faucets
  • Color of the faucet filter

Even though functionality should be on top of the list, the aesthetics of the filter also plays a crucial role in comparing different models.

Ease of Installation

In general, most of the filter faucets come in with easily installable features. However, not all faucet filters fall in this category. For some, you may have to depend on a few materials and tools.

Even though these tools are usually simple, and you will not need any professional help, you may find yourself holding back in some cases. So, to avoid this delay in installation, it is essential to pick a filter faucet that can be set up without much hassle.

Quality of Filtration

Do you know the harmful side effects of drinking lead-filled water? From high blood pressure to causing heart diseases, slow development rate in children, and more, drinking water with lead can cause dangerous and irreversible health hazards.

So, while choosing a faucet filter, it is essential to compare and check the quality of filtration it offers. Both PUR and Brita models can remove almost 99% of the lead content from drinking water.

Even though both offer top-quality filtration features, you will still find differences in the number of contaminants they remove. So, take some time to understand this feature and choose the right one.

Size of the Faucet Filter

Usually, most faucet filters come in roughly identical sizes. Still, some models tend to be larger than others.

Remember, the size of the filter depends on the size of the filter cartridge. In case you have a smaller working space, you can make do with a smaller filter. Contrarily, if there is plenty of room to move around, then go for a larger filter.

Cost of the Unit

Different faucet filters come at varied prices. From costly ones to very affordable ones, there are hundreds of models in the market. However, while thinking about price, you should not get too obsessed about the cost of water filters alone because there is more.

Once you choose a model, check how much the replacement cartridges will cost you. Some cartridges are generally cheaper than others, and some may come with lower maintenance costs.

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