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How to find the best floor varnish


With so many different types of floor varnishes available, it can be difficult to know which one to use on your hardwood floor. Options vary depending on your criteria. Durability, maintenance, and drying time are all factors to consider when selecting a finish. Discover all of our flooring advice to help you make the right choice to find the best floor varnish.


  • Those Who Fight


You may not want to finish your floor regularly. Choose a varnish, such as a waterborne finish, that will hold up over time and protect your floors. Waterborne coatings are known for their shock and scratch resistance. Furthermore, according to a Protégez-Vous Magazine investigation, Finitec waterborne varnishes outperformed its competitors in the Taber test. The Taber test, which assesses a finish’s wear resistance, is a well-known and established industry standard.


  • Parts and Pieces


Keep an eye out for the ingredients in your varnish when you’re out shopping. Many finishes feature extremely harmful components, such as alcohol. They could be quite damaging to you and the environment if you use them. The part of a finish that evaporates when it dries, leaving the solid component on the floor, is known as the basic component. These are the parts that vaporize if your finish is alcohol-based, oil-based, or waterborne. As a result, the 100% solids, solvent-free, or aqueous finishes will be the least damaging, regardless of the finish you choose.


  • Yellowing of the Skin


Over time, many finishes will yellow. Oil-based finishes are in this category. If you wish to avoid this type of hassle, this is an important condition to think about. Choose a non-yellowing aqueous finish that maintains its brilliance over time if you want to be sure to prevent it.


  • The Smell


Many people dislike the smell of varnish, especially if it persists after varnish application. Opt for a waterborne finish to minimize this inconvenience. These are reputed to have a less offensive odor than others.


  • The type of flooring and its sheen


Many finishes may be suitable depending on the sort of floor you have or wish to have. Everything will be determined by the style you desire for your room. The shine of the finish you chose will be determined by this. Most finishes come in a variety of lusters, including gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and matte. As a result, you’ll choose the suitable sheen based on the style you want to accomplish.


  • Application


For a clean and pleasing finish, it’s vital to apply your varnish correctly. If this is your first time, go with a product that’s easy to work with, like a waterborne finish. This varnish is self-adhesive and does not leave any residue.

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