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A Clean Moving Out Checklist: What Does a Move Out Cleaning Include?


Not all of us are enthusiastic when it comes to cleaning and it is better to hire move out cleaning professionals that are experts in handling the cleaning of your house or apartment. Cleaning is important before moving out so that there will be no problem for you in getting a security deposit back.

You can go for cleaning yourself, but if you do not handle cleaning properly, you might not get your security deposit. Here is what task of cleaning before moving out looks like so that you can make up your mind whether you can do it or need to go for move out cleaning professionals.

Bedrooms And Living Rooms

You need to make sure things are shining and clean before you leave like baseboards, ceiling fans, doors, and switches.  Also, get ready to clean some cobwebs and dusting, as it needs to be removed from the cleaning process.

Trash Take Out

 Dispose of the trash of apartment or house if you do want to leave any point of mistake from your side regarding cleaning.

Interior Windows

The cleaning window is one of the stressful jobs to move out of the cleaning process. Cleaning the windows is the most tedious work as dust accumulates on them a lot and you need to be prepared with cloth and cleaner to make them clean.  One of the biggest reasons to hire a move out cleaning service is because window cleaning is part of their service.

Floor Clean Up

You need to clean floors and make sure there is no dust or dirty spots on the floor that can be used by a property owner as an excuse for not giving your full security deposit back.

If you have carpet, you need to vacuum them to remove every speck of dust. If floors are wooden or tile it can easily be wept and then mopped to make them shine.


For the bathroom, you need to use disinfectant too for cleaning. The task is going to be heavy as many things need cleaning such as sinks, tubs, cabinets, and showers.

Kitchen And Laundry Room

The kitchen and Laundry room are going to take lots of your time in cleaning, as there are appliances involved that needs cleaning. For the kitchen, you have to make sure that every cabinet is clean, if not clean properly it can easily be spotted by the property owner.

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