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For a better energy performance and for better thermal and acoustic insulation of your interior, the change of your openings in total removal or in renovation will be necessary. It is also for the purpose of reducing your heating expenses and improving your comfort.

  • Windows, French doors, sliding or pocket windows, you will have the choice between PVC, Aluminum or mixed joinery (wood interior and aluminum exterior).
  • Interior wood brings a warm, elegant and bright side, it can be painted, stained or treated.
  • Aluminum exterior brings a modern, sleek and dynamic design side.
  • The +: Interior wood and no maintenance outside.

Total removal or renovation?

Total removal is a technique which consists in completely removing the existing window.

The advantages: good thermal insulation, better sound insulation, gain in brightness and better sealing of new joinery.

Installation during renovation will keep the existing frame (fixed window frame), depending on the condition of your carpentry.


The advantages: economical, fast and limits finishing work.

Its reputation: word of mouth is ideal for locating a good professional. It is also possible to use sites such as comparepro.fr or quotes-menuisiers.com;

Its qualifications: it is important to select at least 4 different craftsmen. Once this is done, a verification and comparison of their certificates, the quality of their work and their prices are necessary;

Its prices: the prices are important. Even if the budget does not allow it, you should not choose a low-cost craftsman. For quality work, it is better to refer to comparisons and opt for the carpenter whose prices approach the budget;

Insurance and guarantees: a professional must have insurance and guarantees for him to carry out his work under optimal conditions. A verification of these ensures customers the reputation and skills of the craftsman.

The selection of a carpenter is also made according to the distance. It is therefore preferable to call in a professional close to your home. Being subject to demanding completion deadlines, the latter cannot travel kilometers every day to carry out work. Choosing the craftsman closest to you is therefore necessary. Once the relevant advertisements have been chosen, the client must take into account the professional’s fees. In general, its hourly rate is 40 to 60 € excluding tax. It is an important criteria for recognizing easy to work woods. You can watch the videos of woodworking plans and come up with the best tricks. You will find 16,000 woodworking plans andprojects withvideos right there.

When it comes to woodworking, the level of difficulty will depend particularly on the know-how and skill of each. However, there are criteria by which we can qualify wood that is easy to work. Besides, as woodworking generally requires cuts and a very flat surface, it is very obvious to opt for wood without slots. With a lot of knots, the wood will also be less aesthetic in the finish, so it is better to avoid them.



In addition, one of the most important criteria to favor when choosing is also the level of drying of the wood. The drier the wood, the easier it will be to work. According to professionals in the carpentry industry, however, poplar, fir, ash, beech, oak, chestnut wood can be described as easy to work compared to others.By consulting the directory, you can easily choose the carpentry professional you will need to carry out the essential work on your wooden equipment.

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