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Choosing the right dining room pendant light


Can’t see what’s on your plate or your neighbor at the table looks bad? This is definitely a lighting problem in your dining room! To avoid these inconveniences, choosing the right suspension is essential! Read the essential points.

Choose the dining room pendant light: respect the proportions

Above all, you choose an aim pendant lamp suited to your dining room. The dimensions of the room but also and especially of the table must be taken into account. These two elements must work as an inseparable duo. This avoids placing a very small suspension that will seem lost above a large table. Remember that this type of light has the ability to mark and delimit the dining area. In dining rooms of more than 15 m2, you can opt without complaint for generous suspensions of more than 40 cm in diameter for an optimal rendering. Ideally, the minimum diameter and size of the suspension should be 1/3 the length of the table.

Choose the shape of the pendant light

From an aesthetic point of view, the dimensions are harmonized but also the shapes and proportions of the aim pendant light with the shape of the table. Above a square or round table, for example, people forget the oblong or rectangular suspensions which create a visual imbalance. Conversely, to illuminate a rectangular or oval table, opt for round and generous or stretched pendant lights. This type of table easily accepts two suspensions for a contemporary and current look.

Dose design and style

Before setting your sights on this much desired ultra-designer aim pendant light, imagine its rendering and its visual “weight” in your space. Is your dining room small? Choose openwork suspensions to leave the field open to your eyes. Conversely, a more massive suspension with a full diffuser dresses and fills a large space. On the style side, dare surprising and offbeat associations: a chandelier above a designer table for a trendy dining room or decorative combinations.

Think about the lighting of the suspension

Opting for a beautiful pendant light is good! Choosing a flos aim light with the ideal lighting is better! Before choosing, check the power of the luminous flux and the necessary light distribution in the room. You forget it too often, but the material and the design of the pendant light influence the distribution of the luminous flux. Openwork, wired, solid, visible bulb, number of light points are all essential criteria to select according to the configuration of your space.

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