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The Complete Guide to Driveway Pressure Washing


Any homemaker would be bothered by the shabby-looking stains on the concrete driveway because it is not only like an eyesore but also weakens the driveway surface. Ignoring these stains is not at all an option. With effective driveway pressure washing regularly, you can maintain your driveway in good condition for years. Driveway pressure washing is a technique of cleaning the driveway of a house by almost erasing all the tough stains.

Some of the reasons like using the wrong nozzle, spraying too close, or using too much pressure may lead to possibilities of damage to the concrete. Thus, amateurs should not attempt the task of driveway cleaning as it can cause more damage to the driveway than good. Hiring professional service from time to time is the best decision for the proper upkeep of the driveway.

How Long Does It Take for Driveway Pressure Washing?

The amount of time taken for commercial pressure washing Wyoming County PA driveway ultimately depends on the size of the property (driveway) and its condition.

  • A small driveway takes about 4 to 5 hours of pressure washing
  • A medium-sized driveway takes roughly six to seven hours
  • A large driveway takes about eight hours maximum

Also, pressure washing El Dorado AR the driveway by a professional driveway cleaning service is recommended once a year. Pressure washing s all the dirt and stains from the deck and make the sidewalks and patios look visually appealing. You can find a lot more information about driveway pressure washing and cleaning service on the FB Page Chicago Racoons – window and power washing.

What Is the Cost to Wash A Driveway?

Cleaning the driveway involves the use of pressure washing so that all the stains, weeds, algae, and moss are removed and gives the house siding an elegant look.

The cost of hiring professional help will be dependent on various factors like the size and condition of the driveway, location, etc. Let us take a look at the factors that are considered in the cost of pressure washing a driveway by professionals.

·        Size of The Driveway

Generally, when professional cleaning companies (advertised on FB Page) are contacted, they visit the client’s house to assess the area of the driveway to be washed and then offer their quoting prices. Small driveways take less time and therefore require less cost for pressure washing.

·        Condition of The Driveway

Periodic maintenance of the driveway by the application of weed killer can help to cut down on the cost of hiring a professional driveway cleaning service. Professionals would charge a lot for pressure washing a driveway that is covered with moss, weeds and has cracks in many places. Cost of cleaning poorly maintained driveways would be more as the professionals have to spend a lot of time cleaning such driveways.

·        Location

It plays a crucial role in determining the prices of the professionals. Prices are generally quoted on an hourly basis.

Thus, on a concluding note it can be said, keeping a driveway spic and span involves a lot of work and to have it done effectively, it is worth hiring the help of a professional driveway cleaning service.


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