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How Can You Make Odd Odors in Your Home Disappear?


Your home is a place of rest and relaxation. That is until you get a whiff of an unpleasant smell that you can’t quite place. Sometimes, even though you’ve checked the garbage, bathed your pets, and cleaned the laundry, the odor persists.

The bad smell may be coming from the most obvious places that no one thinks to check. It may also be coming from an area where no one considers it could come from.

Overlooked Problems and Solutions

Take a look at this list of oft-overlooked areas of concern. These may help solve your problems and free you of the unpleasant household odors.

Your sheets need a change.

People do not often suspect that their beddings are the cause of the stink because they become so accustomed to its smell. Oils from the body, sweat, and bad breath can bleed into bedsheets and emit an odor.

Solution: Sheets are meant to be washed regularly. Change them every one or two weeks. You must also make sure to store your linens in a cool, dry place with good air circulation so that they will not smell stale once they are used.

Your carpets need some cleaning.

The carpets in your home have most likely accumulated more than their fair share of dust, dirt, and food scraps through the years. Humidity, depending on the season, can also add a musty layer of odor to your home.

Solution: Usually, sprinkling baking soda and then a good thorough vacuuming will get rid of the built-up dirt, but it may not always remove the odor. Employ the assistance of professionals to do a deep clean of your carpets that will neutralize lingering odors. You have to be prepared for this as this may require pulling out the carpets to get to the nitty-gritty of it.

Your dishwasher needs maintenance.

Due to its regular use in cleaning your dirty dishes, your trusty dishwasher is often home to forgotten food waste. Its constantly wet state can also breed molds and a musty scent. When left unattended, these can combine and produce unpleasant smells inside your home.

Solution: Regularly scrub the trays and interiors of your dishwasher to flush out all the food and mold that has gotten stuck in it. Vinegar or baking soda may be used to help with the cleaning process.

There are instances when a bit of cleaning isn’t all the care your old dishwasher needs. Waste can clog your pumps and filters and cause them to break down. Leave the pros to do repairs on your dishwasher so you can prolong its life.

There is a sewage or gas leak.

Sewage issues often strike first as a permeating rotten egg smell. The small often hits whenever you turn on the water from your faucet.

Another reason for the rotten egg smell may be a gas leak. Natural gas is odorless, so a compound called mercaptan is added to alert homeowners should there be problems such as this.

Solution: Try to identify the source of the problem. Then call a plumbing or gas service company to safely take care of it, as these issues are not the safest to tinker around with if you are not professionally trained.

There is an electrical problem.

If you didn’t just fry fish recently, the smell of fish may be coming from your electric equipment. This is because burning electrical wires emit a smell that can be likened to a nasty fish odor.

Solution: Quickly try to find the source of the smell and make sure no other items in your home are being affected by the burning wires. This is dangerous to repair on your own, so it is important to call an electrician for it.

Deodorizing Your Home

Getting rid of the stench is one thing. Giving your home a fragrant smell is another matter entirely. Here are quick and simple tips to make your home smell great.


The easiest way to freshen up your home is to leave the windows open and have air circulate. This will be most effective if you open multiple windows. Good ventilation removes stale air and lifts the mood of your home by bringing in more light.

Distribute scents around the house.

One way to do this is by placing unlit scented candles and other fragrant items around your home. If you place candles inside a closet where you store fabrics, your linens or other items may also absorb the scent.

Have plants indoors.

Plants don’t only make for amazing decoration. Some plants, such as spearmint, eucalyptus, and jasmine, leave your home smelling fresh without being too strong.

Take note of these to remove the stench from your home, give it life, and make it a cozy and relaxing place to rest in once again.

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