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Roof Moss Problem in UK: How to Prevent it From Growing Back


Moss is a thin layer of greeny on the roof that grows into a widespread thick matt like a cover. Moss has the capability of speedy growth in areas where sun rays do not touch.

These areas mostly include north-facing and tree-shaded roofs. Additionally, when the speeding moss upholsters roof surfaces it starts to fill void/ spaces between the shingles and tiles.

Now while a house wearing a cape of greeny looks like from a fictional story or even Hobbit but the constant growth can severely damage your roof. Once the roof moss reaches under the shingles it starts to uplift it allowing rainwater to flow under the roof structure.

Not only the lifting shingles damage the outer roofing but the growing moss underneath contains more moisture promoting even faster growth.

How to effectively clean roof moss?

Roof moss does require attention and active response but you can strategically deal with the roof moss independently. Your strategy must depend on how you want to kill the plants and remove dead layers. Additionally, adding a preventive measure is important.

The ideal time to clean the roof moss?

Experts recommend that you should choose a cloudy day to work with the plan. Since a majority of the moss cleaning chemicals require at least 20 minutes of sitting time depending on the thickness of the moss. Cloudy days help penetrate the chemicals easily whereas on sunny days it will evaporate.

What do you need to eliminate the stubborn moss?

Moss requires to be removed physically with water, chemicals, stiff brush or scrub brush. Thin moss can be removed with water and soap but the thicker layers would need chemicals. It is always advised to use non-toxic chemicals.

What Chemicals Should I Use?

The most common chemical used is chlorine bleach that removes mosses, mildew and fungi. You will need to dilute the bleach since it may harm your other plants adversely.

A very simple and safe moss removal DIY is one-quart bleach added in one-gallon water and 1/4 cup heavy-duty cleaner or you can seek professional help.

Protect your plants by covering them with plastic sheet weather you are using bleach or a ready-made solution.

How can I prevent the roof moss growth?

According to the Bristol roof cleaning company, Moss is one of the factors for the fast decay and rot of your roofing. Moss is natural plant growth that invades your roof area. The first preventative measure is to eliminate the growth-promoting factor i.e. the absence of sunlight.

Trim the branches that overhang on your roof to let some sunlight in. Every few days remove leaves, branches and seed pods that collect moisture. Keep our gutters clean of debris.

Another hack is to attach zinc/ zinc coated flashing metal strips below the roof’s peak or the ridge caps. The metal strips leash out the moss retardant zinc particles as the rainwater flows preventing the moss regrowth.

Concerning the cost and time investment, it is better to prevent ross from growing back then replacing your roof often and then fixing the roof damages on the ceilings and insulation.

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