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How to Buy Homewares Online – A Gift Guide


Shopping for other people’s homewares can be super difficult, you want to get them something that they’re going to absolutely love but also that’s going to work for their interior design. You’ll often find that browsing for homewares online is even trickier, adding onto the pressure of finding those picture perfect presents for your nearest and dearest. But not to worry, follow this guide and you can be sure that every piece you pick up will be a dream gift!

Factor in Personality

Always factor in the personality and the lifestyle of the people that you’re shopping for. Buying thoughtful gifts that add beauty and warmth to your friends and family’s homes will show your attentiveness and care towards those you love most.

Stick to Natural Neutrals

Natural materials and neutral colours are definitely your best bet when you’re searching for a beautiful gift that everyone will love. Look for items like woven placemats, resin homewares and cuddly cashmere blankets for thoughtful pieces that mix and match perfectly with a tonne of different interior design styles. Choosing items that interchange easily with lots of different aesthetics kind of future proofs your purchase and makes your shopping easier. Once you find a luxe brand that creates neutral, natural pieces that you and your closest love, you can go back again and again!

If You’re Unsure, Just Ask!

Finding something that a friend, family member or coworker is going to love really isn’t simple. Even the most neutral, basic piece could be totally wrong for someone’s home, and if you haven’t seen it or you don’t really know what the people that you’re shopping for love, the right homewares gift can seem impossible. A way around it? Just ask! Ask friends of friends or anyone you know that might have the low down on the recipient’s taste – partners come in particularly handy here!

Read the Fine Print

The product details are there for a reason, so why not take the time to actually read it? This is where you’ll find all the information you might possibly need including material composition, care guides, dimensions and styling recommendations. Taking the time to read the fine print really is what saves you from any surprises once you have the gift in your hands, so it’s well worth the extra couple of seconds it takes to do!

Pay Attention to Store Policies

Keep an eye on store policies to ensure that your recipient can opt to exchange their gift if it’s not to their liking. This also goes for you, your present might land on your doorstep and look totally different than you imagined (hopefully, by following these pointers, this won’t be the case!). Always skim over return rules of FAQs just in case, you never really know!

Some Gorgeous Gifting Ideas…

Feeling ready to take the plunge and scour the web for that perfect gift? Good! Some beautiful, fail safe items to consider on your search include luxurious scented candles, silk pillowcases, throw cushions, woven placemats, leafy green plants and ceramic vases. Each of these lovely options is going to subtly add to and enhance your friends and family’s homes. Stick to neutrals and well made, high quality items to give a thoughtful gift that’s going to be cherished for a long time to come.

Start searching for homewares online to find the perfect gift now!



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