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How to plan the space of your house for a beautiful interior decoration?


When a professional interior designer comes across an empty room, the same feeling appears as a writer in front of a blank sheet of paper or a painter in front of a new canvas. There are those who believe that planning a space is something as simple as placing a sofa, putting a closet and that there is space to move around and the work is done. It is not what we can call interior design but rearranging the furniture and clean the surface, that’s all. Before we start planning our interior design project, it would be interesting to consider the following aspects.

Determine the function

We must think carefully about what activity will take place in the new space and who will use it. We must ask ourselves what that space will require. Are we going to organize dinners in it? How many people are we going to put in there? What are our limitations and those of our family due to height, age and physical capacity? How durable and accessible should everything be?

Get accurate measurements

Accuracy is vital when planning a space, especially when making an initial plan, so getting the correct measurements is a must. We recommend drawing a plan of the place, carefully measuring every detail. Designers often work within a defined range of measurements for furniture and accessories and thus can prevent potential problems and achieve the perfect fit both proportionally and aesthetically. Measurements are extremely important to ensure a functional and efficient space. They must be well executed when it comes planning interior design for bathrooms, dining rooms, bed rooms, and kitchens. It is because you must consider enough space between furniture, cabinets, appliances and accessories.

Consider ergonomics

Furniture style follows function. Once we have determined the function of the room and the amount of space available, we can begin to figure out which furniture will work best. Function and space are important but we must not forget about comfort. When we talk about ergonomics, we mean analyzing what we are going to do about space. We must observe that it prevents being comfortable and trying to eliminate all the disturbing elements. A continuity of materials and color from one room to another – furniture, flooring, carpentry, baseboards or doors – will allow our house to flow visually as well.

Seek inspiration

The first thing is to start by looking for inspiration. Instagram, blogs, and magazines are good options for this, although Pinterest could be an ideal option. It is recommended to start by creating a board where you keep everything you like for your home, ideally one board per room. Pinterest has a very powerful search engine. In fact you can look for super specific things and it is assured that you will find thousands of ideas, such as Decorative Colored Glass Balls. Of course, it is highly recommended to hire a professional interior designer at affordable prices. If you don’t know how to hire a professional, you can ask your friends and neighbors for references. Having a beautiful interior decoration depends on several aspects.


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