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How to choose the Best Vanity Unit for Your New Bathroom Design


The lookof your apartment is incomplete without a well-chosen vanity unit that suits your bathroom design. Your bathroom must match the trendy look of the rest of the house. Vanity unit that includes a basin with storage space underneath can give your bathroom a contemporary look. It can also provide you with space for storing toiletries and other essential items. The bathroom vanity units come in different styles and designs. Therefore, you need to find such a bathroom vanity that will match your bathroom design and also not challenge the look of your new apartment. You can select from the full range of vanity units in Perth.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Consider the space and requirement: Vanity units are meant to meet your storage requirements as well. Therefore while choosing bathroom vanity, you shall think about the practical aspects of it and then find the perfect one that suits the space of the bathroom. You can get one from the bathroom showroom in Perth. You can use the bathroom vanities Perth for storing toiletries, cleaning sprays, and other essential items. Thinking about the use of the bathroom, vanity units can give you an idea about the exact storage requirements. If you belong to a large family, then you can choose a big bathroom vanity that may have a double basin. Then the storage space will be enough to meet the requirements of all the family members.

Choose the correct size: Supplies in Osborne and bathroom supplies, Perth can provide you with a wide range of sizes. You can get a small bathroom vanity for a small bathroom, and you can also get a deluxe bathroom vanity that will suit your large and stylish bathroom. It’s also important to know the exact space of your bathroom so that you can select the perfect one.

Find a suitable color and design: You can decide the color of the vanity by either matching it with the exiting one or by contrasting it. If you think that you like the color of the previous set up of your bathroom, you can match the bathroom vanity with it. You can also add a bit more color that was not previously present in the set-up and can easily pick any contrasting color, too. It will give your bathroom a unique and trendy look. You can find bathroom vanity units of the different colors in the bathroom showroom in Perth.

Pick the material: The primary element of the bathroom vanity units is medium density fibreboard (MDF). It is durable and can also give a polished and sophisticated look. MDF vanity units are polished with white gloss, while MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) bathroom vanity units come in different colors. They can also have the wood-effect finish to add a timber look. These materials are water-resistant and hence durable. But, they are not waterproof; therefore, you need to wipe out the water splashes from them from time to time. You can find bathroom vanity units made of both the materials in bathroom supplies Perth.

Decide the position to place it:The reason for placing a vanity unit is not only to make your bathroom look trendy but also to make good use of the space. Therefore, thinking about where to place it is very important. The place must be such that you can clean the bathroom vanity easily. While putting it, you need to check if the bathroom vanity is blocking the access to the shower or the bathroom door. Its positioning may involve the re-planning of the pipes. For that, you may have to change the tile of the wall. For these, you can contact your plumbing supplies, Osborne Park. 

Floor standing or wall-mounted:While installing bathroom vanity, there are chances that you may have to re-route the pipelines of your bathroom to fit a new bathroom vanity. If possible, you can also choose a floor standing. Though for the wall-mounted bathroom vanity units, you may have to change the pipelines, they are best suited for the small bathrooms. They look ultra-stylish, trendy. They will leave the floor space of the bathroom and therefore cleaning the floor will be easy. Floor standing bathroom vanity units are pocket friendly, and are easy-to-install. You can also find the one that will go with the previous set up of your bathroom. While the floor standing bathroom vanity units give a traditional and deluxe look, the wall-mounted one can add a trendy and modernized look to your bathroom. You can find the perfect bathroom vanity in the bathroom showroom in Perth. You can also choose compact vanity or a corner one to save space.

The vanity units in Perth have a wide range of collections, and they are budget-friendly so that you feel free to choose the best bathroom vanity. You can take the help of the professionals to select the perfect bathroom vanity. So, it can be the final touch to your bathroom’s appearance and also make the space practically useful.


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