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How to Get More Customers for Your Plumbing Business


The demand for plumbing services in Sydney homes and properties are never ending. Plumbing companies can secure plumbing services and contracts all year-round. There is a steady need for professional plumbers and with the right strategies and exceptional service, can be a lucrative business for many.

However, the challenge for plumbing contractors is securing regular clients and customers that will sustain their business. It may take time to create a regular list of clients and following for your business, but it is possible. Here are some tips on how to grow your plumbing business.

Marketing for Your Plumbing Business: Where to Start

Online marketing is the way to go for most businesses today. You can reach out to a wider audience, with less cost and effort compared to traditional offline marketing strategies.

  • Claim a Google Business Listing

Most people use the internet to look for the things that they need. If a client is looking for cheap plumbers in Sydney, they will most likely use Google to do the search, instead of going through newspaper ads, flyers or going through the yellow pages. If you want your clients to find you, you need to set up your Google my Business listing. Setting up your local listing requires a company name, address and your contact information. These details should be the same in all your marketing materials and other related documents.

  • Create a Website and Facebook Page

Building your online presence is the second step in getting more clients for your plumbing services. A website and a Facebook page can help increase your visibility and to help you get noticed by customers. Initially, you can set up a simple website that includes your company name and logo, services and selling points, contact details and accessible ways on how they can contact you. You should also include accreditations, project photos and testimonials from your clients to build your credibility as a plumbing company. As you grow your business, you can also develop your website to offer helpful content that will bring readers and potential customers to your website.

Your Business Facebook page is another platform that can help create leads for your business. People nowadays spend a lot of time on social media. They even post about their problems, even plumbing emergencies on their Facebook page. This is an opportunity for you to connect with people who require the services that you offer. Facebook also features conversion-friendly advertisements that help you target the right demographic that is in need of your service. It is also one of the most effective, but low cost marketing strategies you can explore online.

  • Use Customer Service as a Marketing Tool

Advertising in social media is incomplete unless you have an excellent customer service that can efficiently attend to online inquiries on your plumbing services. The people handling your customer service line should be knowledgeable and passionate in helping and taking care of your clients. Whether handling emails, online messages, or calls, it is important to hire customer service representatives that will entice clients to do repeat business with you. Effective, honest and courteous communication with your clients, through your customer service will earn you personal referrals and positive testimonials in the long run.

Whether you are a start-up business or an established plumbing company looking to grow their business, investing in marketing strategies, mostly online, will help you achieve your goals. Although traditional marketing efforts are still feasible and helpful, the opportunities are bigger and better in an online setting. If you are unfamiliar with this territory, you can easily seek help from professional digital marketers that can help build your brand and improve your business presence online.

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