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How to Start a Hot Tub- in 5 Easy Steps


During the summer season, a hot tub becomes a great necessity. Ensuring whether the water is clean and looking into spa maintenance is highly essential for a hot tub to work on point. Also if your hot tub is new to you or you haven’t used or touched it during the winters it’s time you make sure that the water is clean. 


Well not to forget if you are new to the hot tub it’s important you know the easy steps involved in starting a hot tub at home. You can look into our website for more details.



  • Rinse and drain the hot tub


The most important step starts with rinsing and cleaning. And if you are new to a hot tub gradually you will understand the importance of cleaning. A newly created hot tub comes with an antifreeze that protects the pumps. Once reached, fill the water up to the area where you place your feet and start the pumps several times to get rid of the antifreeze.

On the other hand, if the hot tub has water in it already then it is best to drain the water to avoid the multiplication of bacterial colonies and for this, you will need a good-quality drain cleaner and a jet.


  • Turn the power and clean the tub 


We are well aware that water and electricity are not friends so before you clean, rinse or drain the hot tub you must unplug the hot tub and switch off the breaker.

Cleaning the tub is very important to avoid the spread of bacterial infections. If you have purchased a new hot tub use a non-abrasive cleaner and with the help of a soft cloth scrub and wipe every surface that is expected to come in contact with water.


  • Install the filter and fill up the hot tub


Whether you have a new hot tub or a used one, its cleanliness is very important. For new hot tubs, it is ideal to place filter cartridges in every filter and for used hot tubs it is best to evaluate the filter and look whether replacement is needed or not.

Once done with the placement of the filter, fill the hot tub with the use of a hose filter since it removes all sorts of impurities from the water such as copper and minerals. Such impurities are not healthy for users.


  • Prime up the pump and add the chemicals gradually.


You must work on everything to remove the air out of the hot tub and one best example is to prime up the pump. For this feature use the manual book and turn the pump over to the self-priming mode.

When the hot tub is cleaned and filters are installed and the hot tub is primed it’s time to add chemicals and to ensure that chemicals are added it is best to start the pump at high speed for some time.


  • Set up the temperature and cover the hot tub


The ideal temperature at which one must keep the hot tub is approximately 38 degrees and avoid raising the temperature above 40 degrees as you might risk your skin or get burned. Also when you have raised the temperature don’t leave the hot tub cover it up so that it retains the heat and temperature of the water. For more you can look into https://gardenandpatio.co.uk/collections/hot-tubs Lastly, test your water to ensure that the water is balanced inside the hot tub and the chemicals are evenly distributed so that no hassle or issue is encountered once you start using the hot tub.


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