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Living Room 101 – Leather Sofas versus Fabric Sofas


Luxury, good taste, and class. Almost all hotels and restaurants exude this ambience. That is because the first thing they see upon entering the establishment is the reception area. While waiting, they will ask you to sit on the most exquisite chairs. A huge, comfortable sofa is an excellent companion for anyone who needs to wait a bit longer.

A homeowner would always want the same comfort in their living room. Most leather sofas for sale or fabric ones will be perfect for your house. Whether it is recliners, chaises, or lounge couches, getting a set for the receiving area is an excellent way to wow your guests. It is picture-perfect and can stand alone as a receiving area centrepiece. However, the question remains. What will you get for your sofa space – leather or fabric? Both have positive and negative features. So here are several key considerations why choosing a leather sofa is the better option.


Leather is a durable and thick material. It can last for a longer time than regular couches. A quick coat of polish is enough to veil any scratch. The unique dyeing process gives it a vibrant colour, which in turn gives it additional tensile strength. And it does not tear at the seams easily due to its sturdiness. 

High-quality fabric sofas can also last for years, but not as long as leather ones. The covers need frequent washing, which can fade colours and weaken the fibres. 

Care and maintenance

All leather sofas (especially the ones made out of genuine leather) are easy to clean. Contrary to popular belief, they are not high maintenance as compared to faux and fabric sofas. All you need is a water and mild soap solution to wipe them down, and a little vacuuming in the crevices. Spills are easier to manage. You and your furry friends may enjoy them more since no special cleaning is required. Applying leather cream after every couple of months also helps the leather surface retain its top quality feature.

It is also easy to clean fabric sofas. Just unzip, put them in the washer, and they are ready to use again. However, pests such as mites and other skin irritants reproduce more underneath the covers of cloth upholstery. The smell of pets, tobacco smoke, and unexpected liquid spills are easily absorbed. Also, even with consistent brushing, fur and hair are difficult to remove from fabrics. An unchecked sofa cover may cause allergies. So the sofa needs more frequent cleaning. 


Business owners usually have a reception area with chairs. Their personal preference would be the leather-made sofa because of its contemporary feel. Homeowners currently imbibe the way of thinking of the entrepreneur when it comes to appearance. The leather sofas for sale in a store usually catch the attention of a furniture-scouting homeowner. It makes a room look more elegant and modern, which a regular fabric sofa cannot do. It looks more high-end than its textile counterpart. 

Buying a sofa is not that difficult. Knowing your home needs and preferences will get you a long way in purchasing the living room furniture of your choice.

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