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4 Myths About Power Washing Debunked For Good


Many homeowners are still unaware of the huge benefits of power washing, as they believe in certain myths that are rampant in the market. From eliminating dirt and debris to removing disease-causing microorganisms from the surface, power washing has several advantages. But as long as people believe in the rumors, they won’t realize the same. So, let’s debunk some of these myths for good!

Myth 1: Power washers involve water only

Special cleaning agents are used by the experts to power wash surfaces and disinfect them at the same time. Some of these solvents are mixed with hot water to enhance the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Just a common thought – if only water could clean hard surfaces and eliminate rigid dirt and debris, then rains would have been enough to clean buildings, right?

Myth 2: You can DIY power washing

You can’t possibly have the knowledge and awareness about the right cleaning equipment or cleaning solutions required for power washing. Only the experts have that. If you try to DIY power washing, you may end up incurring further damages than restoring proper conditions. Hence, it’s unwise to DIY power washing. When you can easily take help from efficient professionals like the ones at Zachs Power washing without breaking your banks, what’s the need anyway?

Myth 3: Power washing is required for extreme worse situations

Should you wait before accumulating multiple layers of grime on your interior or exterior surfaces before cleaning them? If you aren’t in love with dirt, no one will do that. So you should consider power washing even if you can’t get a single stain off. This is because power washing is meant to remove rigid stains and clean tough surfaces, and not to clean building exteriors only.

Myth 4: You can wash everything with power washes

No, you can’t. This is again something that requires the right knowledge, expertise, and experience for maximum effect. While power washing is specifically meant to eliminate certain rigid stains and clean hard and tough surfaces without paint or seals on them, the cleaning solutions and the pressure of water differ from surface to surface. Not all hard surfaces can be power washed, and not every stain requires power washing. So, let the experts decide.

If you have queries about power washing techniques or whether you need them, you can get in touch with the professionals for expert consultation on the same. But before that, stop believing in the myths once and for all.

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