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Main Reasons Why Your Solar Panel Needs Some Cleaning


Solar panels are one of the few pieces of equipment you have exposed to the outside environment. Therefore, it faces a world of dirt and catastrophes since it has no protection from the world’s harm.

With that in mind, cleaning your solar panels should be one of the main chores you should opt to attend since it helps your home to be functional. Without an accessible solar panel cleaning then, the features of your home will not be fully utilised.

Furthermore, here are a few of the factors that you should consider when it comes to the dust and debris that might affect your solar boards, which later on need an intense solar panel cleaning.

Small Debris

Upon researching, studies show that even the smallest particle of an object that would hit your solar panel will affect its function. Tiny particles such as leaves, dust, or even water are a few of the factors that will massively create an impact on your solar boards, especially if it is placed on your roof.

Do not get wrong, but a few dust bits would not hurt your boards as long as it would not block its areas, which absorb the sun’s rays. Thus, frequent rain can clear up the dirt obtained by your solar panels, but there are instances that there are too much dirt and dust that creates a build-up of trash on your boards that even rain cannot clean.

With that in mind, it is crucial to have contact details of solar panel cleaning companies to attend to these issues right away. You should remember that a small problem can eventually be a significant issue if not resolved immediately.

Bird Dirt

As we all know, birds tend to lay their releases anytime and anywhere, and your solar panels are not safe with this occurrence. Therefore, you should keep track of your panels’ current situation through check-ups since bird-dirt may cause your solar boards to be faulty.

Keep in mind that the dirt they release is concrete compared to small debris. Therefore, one hit on your panel is a hundred times worse than a microscopic object.

Owning a solar panel may entail tons of unusual decisions to maintain its use. Having trees around your area may attract birds or any other aerial animals, which may result in a ton of bird droppings on your panel. Therefore, it would be best to relocate your trees and plants away from your solar panels to prevent the occurrence from happening.


Despite the sensitivity and harm these solar panels entail, all of it will be worth it once you experience the ease and stress-free environment once you fully utilise its function. Keep in mind that it is only one time and long term investment. Its maintenance should be done quarterly or annually.

Take good care of your belongings, especially your assets, since it will increase your property’s value if you decide to sell it and relocate to a different location.

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