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Most Durable Options for Your Commercial Flooring to Select


While selecting your flooring material, usually it is the durability, which is always a primary consideration, particularly if your floor will be used for high-traffic applications in a place like airport terminals, hospitals, schools and restaurants etc.

Therefore, here in this article, we shall mention about few best commercial flooring materials that can be used for your business to do epoxy crack repair kansas city mo. You may also get in touch with FlooringDomain who can easily handle any request from you to deal with commercial as well as residential flooring orders in Australia.

  • Carpet tiles

Because of functionality advantages that you can get over broadloom carpets, these carpet tiles are now taking over the market of soft-surface flooring. Though carpet tiles are little more expensive but tile systems are quite easier to replace.

  • Ceramic flooring

Ceramic materials as a tile for flooring are the hardest and also most durable material that you can choose. Ceramic flooring is also quite stain resistant as well as very easy to clean, and therefore make it your perfect choice for commercial building with very high traffic.

  • Concrete sealers

For protecting concrete floor, concrete sealers are always considered as viable commercial flooring choice. Not only these concrete sealants will protect your floor against abrasion and wearing but also guard your floor against discoloration, stains, oil and dirt.

  • Epoxy flooring systems

These epoxy flooring systems was in fact created by the application of thermosetting resin directly on the moisture-treated concrete slab. Due to epoxy coating, it can prevent wear and tear because of abrasions, chemical spills and foot traffic.

  • Luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile has really taken flooring industries by storm. These tiles are durable enough for any high-traffic areas and also quite attractive in their looks. LVT is considered to be the most versatile kind of commercial flooring product in the market today.

  • Quarry tile

Quarry tiles are proven to withstand various spills, foot traffic as well as grease build-up. These quarry tiles are made by using hard-fired clay, which is also much cheaper but can offer the same amount of durability and functionality benefits. .

  • Rollout mats

Rollout mats are also another option to protect your floor surface if you do not want to invest for more permanent solution in your commercial floors. These mats can offer many advantages over few other options available for commercial flooring like high durability and also affordability.

  • Rubber flooring

For application in various high-traffic areas like gyms and hospitals, rubber flooring is very suitable as it is durable, sound absorbent and slip-resistant too that makes it a perfect choice as your commercial flooring material.

  • Snap-together tiles

These snap together tiles can be installed very easily and also they are made from many different materials in order to suit all your needs. Also, these tiles are quite affordable, and make them your excellent choice.

  • Terrazzo

If you are looking for durability in your flooring, then terrazzo is the best choice for your floor. Terrazzo is aesthetically most versatile products available in the market and perfect for incorporating different custom logos or designs into the flooring.

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