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Plumbing Tools You Need


As a homeowner in a local town, you should have contact details of every local worker. An example is a plumber wheelers hill. It is crucial to know the contact information of these people since they will be the ones to help you aid your home issues every once in a while. One of the few people you need is plumbers since they are masters in the field of plumbing.

Nevertheless, here are a few of the plumbing tools you need if you aim to aid your home issues. Thus, if your plumber Wheelers Hill does not have a complete set of tools, then, you can lend them over:

1. Plunger

A plunger is used to unclog any home equipment that you have, which involves water usage, such as sinks or toilets. Thus, with a plunger, you can immediately respond to minor plumbing issues which can later on become a more significant problem if not resolved right away. Therefore, this tool would not cost you a lot of money since it is affordable and can fit any family budget.

2. Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is a tool that immediately comes to mind when heard about the topic plumbing. A plumber would not be able to perform tasks in the best way possible if they do not have a pipe wrench inside their toolbox. Pipe wrenches are everywhere, but it is your choice to choose which brand would suit your work.

3. Pipe Saw

Well-skilled and trained plumbers often use a pipe saw since this tool can be utilised if a plumber needs to cut a pipe. There are various saws that are perfect for every work field, but the pipe saw is the only one perfect for cutting pipelines. Do not try to use other types of saw since it would only create a bare minimum output which will eventually lead to a bigger problem in the future.

4. Pipe Cutter

A pipe cutter is like a pipe saw but has a more efficient and handy appearance that can fit the pocket of a plumber. Pipe cutters are often used in small areas of a long pipe that need to be cut. Thus, pipe cutters are a big help if you need to replace old pipe areas into new ones since you will not be able to seek a big pipe saw just to cut specific pieces.

5. Crimpers

A crimper crimps the ending of a round pipe which will allow you to intertwine one pipe into another. Without a proper crimping tool, you may have a hard time cutting the edges of your line. Thus, you will not be able to create the perfect fit since it is manually done. Keep in mind that this tool is extremely affordable; therefore, you can easily buy this from any local store in your hometown.

6. Cordless Drill

A drill is often used when new fixtures are being installed in your premises such as toilets or sinks. Owning a cordless drill would be perfect since it is durable and long-lasting. Thus, it is easy to be held by hand. Its lightweight feature often lures people into buying the equipment, which is why most people have this tool at home.

7. Pipe Inspection Camera

Professional plumbers often use the pipe inspection camera since it may somehow cost a lot of money. This tool helps plumbers to determine blockages and clogs along your pipe by merely looking at the screen of the camera. It is fast and efficient, which is why most plumbing companies invest in this type of tool.


Keep in mind that you should never be satisfied with relying on your home issues with professionals. You should also be knowledgeable about the things that should and should not be done when faced with sudden home disturbance.

Nevertheless, it will always be an edge if you have enough knowledge regarding these matters because it will benefit you for your good. Owning tools types of equipment like the ones stated above will help you aid home problems right away, and you would not need to contact your local plumbers.

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