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What Are The Types of Water Heater Systems for Your Homes?


A hot water system is a necessity for most Australian households. Hot water systems make it easier to take a bath during cold winter mornings and take care of the dishes at home. In a country that enjoys the winter season on a regular basis, not having a hot water system would be inconvenient.

On average, at least 21% of the energy used is allocated for water heating. If you are looking to decrease this percentage or to utilize your hot water system in the most efficient way possible, finding the best suitable hot water system type for you is advisable.

There are several types of hot water systems that are suitable for a specific need or a specific household size in your home. Here are the most common types of hot water system and hot water system replacement available for Australian homes.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

An electric hot water heater works like an electric kettle.  It heats the water stored in the tank, of various sizes that are kept hot whenever the device is plugged, ready for use. There are also instantaneous types of hot water heaters that heat water when you need it or by demand.

Instantaneous electric hot water heaters are tankless and can provide an endless supply of hot water from the tap when they are turned on. They are one of the cheaper electric hot water heaters available in the market. However, it can be quite expensive in the long run and may consume most of the energy you use at home.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

If you are looking for a hot water system that has a lower impact on the environment, you might want to consider getting solar-powered hot water systems. Although using a series of solar panels to power up your hot water heater systems is quite an expensive investment on your initial purchase, it is the more economical option available in the long run.

This type of water heating systems should be used in conjunction with the current electrical or gas-powered systems in your homes. During the winter and rainy season, the solar panels may not be enough to power up this type of water heating system.

Heat Pump Hot Water System

Another more efficient hot water system that is available for Australian households are heat pump hot water systems. This type of heating system extracts heat from their surroundings to be able to heat up water.

It costs 2/3 less than electrical hot water systems and is powered by renewable energy which is safer for the environment. Investing in one is initially costly but can help save in energy bills in the long term.

Gas Hot Water Heater

The gas hot water system works like electric hot water systems but always requires a tank to be functional. Instead of electricity, it utilizes a burner to heat water. Compared to electrical hot water systems, gas hot water heating systems have a quicker heat recovery compared.

A small tank is also needed to make the system work. Gas instant water heaters are also available and do not require a water tank. It heats water on demand and allows households to enjoy an unlimited supply of hot water. This type of hot water system requires a specialized professional for maintenance, repairs water heater replacement altamonte springs fl.

Before you decide to do water filter system installation doylestown pa in your home or replace the existing one that you have, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the hot water heating system types available in the market. Choose one that works for your home and your budget.

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