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Soft Washing: Preserving Your Home’s Shape and Keeping it Spotless


As a homeowner, you want to ensure your home is always clean and appealing. However, because your home has many delicate components, you want a safe yet effective cleaning method. A Soft Washing will get rid of dirt and imperfections in your home with just a little pressure, ensuring it looks pristine without sustaining damage. This home cleaning method lets you and your home enjoy different benefits.

How Soft Washing Works

This cleaning method involves the use of a low-pressure stream and special solutions. It eliminates mildew, algae, and bacteria that damage the roof and exterior of your home. Unlike power washing, soft washing uses low and soft pressure. Soft washing can effectively take care of your home’s external surface. It keeps you and your family in good health, saves your fixtures from damage, and saves you money on repairs. 

Soft Washing Benefits

You will want to hire soft washing services because of the following reasons:

  • Get rid of harmful organisms. Dangerous organisms such as germs and bacteria threaten your loved ones’ safety. Keeping your playground and outdoor gathering spaces disinfected and sanitized keeps these spaces free of these organisms. Soft washing attacks contaminants such as algae, mildew, and mold at the source, leaving the surfaces sanitized and safe.
  • It cleans hard-to-reach areas in your home. Soft washing effectively cleans your home with a soft touch. Your provider can apply it on the ground, eliminating the need for scaffolding or a ladder. With its penetrating power, the cleaning method can get rid of stubborn buildups without scraping and scrubbing surfaces. It uses just a clear stream of water to wash away the dirt and give your surfaces a new shine.
  • Preserve your fragile exterior surfaces. Soft washing doesn’t put your delicate exterior surfaces under significant pressure. These surfaces include shingles, screen materials, and glass. The cleaning method can prevent damage to older homes and leave them spotless from the outside. 
  • Increase your home’s lifespan. Your home can look shabby because of dry and rough weather. Mildew poses health risks and leads to expensive damage to the exterior environment of your home. Damages such as fungi, lichen, and algae on the shingles of your roof will decrease the roof’s lifespan. By having your roof soft-washed regularly, you keep it strong and healthy as well as free from any damage. Keep in mind that your home cannot be in good shape if it has a dirty and damaged roof.  

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