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The Best Ideas to Stay Cool in the Bed!



Do you know that choosing your bed linen wisely can save you from waking up to a sweaty mess in the night? And more than 71% of people fail to get a good night sleep just because they invest in the right bedding sets especially in summers.  

All of us wait for bright sunny summer days but as soon as the weather becomes freakishly warm, we start complaining about it. A sound sleep becomes a struggle as soon as the mercury rises. The sweaty, clammy and uncomfortable feeling takes away all the fun. 

Ideally, you sleep well when your body temperature slightly drops as soon as you lay down. A warm bed makes you feel suffocating and irritated especially in summers. The hot and stuffy space becomes the primary reason behind the disturbed sleep. Fortunately, the solution lies in replacing your existing bedding with the refreshing summer special sheets. 

PushpLinen brings some amazingly soft, welcoming and long-lasting bedding ideas to help you sleep tight. Let’s start with the kind of fabric and colors you should opt for.  


  • A tight top layer


Let us start with putting your flannel sheets and down comforters away. Opt for a light colored linen cotton sheet sets that can keep you cool even on the warmest summer morning. 

Replace your thick duvets with comforters made from lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. You know what it the best thing related to cotton. It gets softer as it age. 


  • Stick to lighter shades


If you are fond of dressing up your bed in brighter shades likes deep orange, black hues or red, then you need to refresh your bedding color palette. The lightweight, breezy and a cool colored bedspread is exactly what you need. We recommend cheerful colors like sky blue, light green, white or sunny yellow. 

 The theory behind opting for light colors is that they absorb less heat during the day. Whether you are looking for a refreshing look or want to sleep cool and cozy at night, light colored sheets are an ultimate choice. 


  • Breathable materials


Summers are all about opting for natural fibers like cotton, bamboo and silk. Unlike synthetic fibers, natural fibers allow you to breathe much better and wick the moisture away from your body.  

People prefer cotton most of the times as it is readily available and affordable too. Bamboo and silk are expensive but are more breathable as compared to linen or cotton. 

Man-made fabrics like Tencel and Rayon are made from Bamboo and Eucalyptus tree respectively. These fabrics produce similar results as other natural fabrics. If you will observe a hotel quality sheet set, you may find one of these fabrics there. 

There is another major benefit of natural fibers. Because they are breathable, they keep you cool in summers and warm in winters. They don’t allow moisture to stay and thus you never feel damn under them. Cotton keeps your skin dry and the bedding clean. 

Also, the natural fabrics are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, soft and soothing. 


  • Pile light layers on your bed


Whether it is color or the fabric, spread light and handy layers on your bed. A heavy, dark colored, warm blanket will be the last thing you would want. Several thin layers will allow you to stay cooler. Remove an extra layer just when the temperature rises. 

Also, the thin beautiful sheets add to the style quotient and interior of the room. Microfiber is another excellent choice. It makes your bed cooler and breezier. 

At PushpLinen, we craft 100% natural Indian origin long-staple cotton. We believe that comfortable bedding influences your sleep just like a healthy diet and active lifestyle does. That’s why; we use the Fine Yarn Technique for weaving and processing for all thread counts. We value your comfort and thus ensure a soft, breathable and subtle quality fabric for your bed sheets.  

Our elegant, sanctuary style sheet sets are available in different sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal-King and Olympic Queen. 

Also, you can combine these sheets with the pillow covers, comforters and duvet covers of your choice. 

Choose from our solid, strip and embroidery border sheet sets at the best possible price.  


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