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The Roles Of An Architect Vs. Civil Engineer On Construction Sites


Construction projects require the input of various professionals to be successful. For example, while Galloway Architects may plan and design a building, the civil engineers in the company will be responsible for carrying out the construction work to the letter. And yet, both professionals have related roles to play on the construction sites. They should not be confused, though. Here is why:

Roles of an architect on construction sites

  1. An architect’s first duty on site is to be at hand for supervising the translation of the design into a physical building. Sometimes, interpreting architectural designs may prove tricky, and the civil engineers and architects may have to perform an on-site review to make the best decision. This is not to say there was no previous plan made before the construction began.
  2. An architect is also present to consult with the civil engineer over necessary changes and adjustments to be made. For example, Galloway architects are always at hand to collaborate with engineers and find solutions to any sudden challenge during construction.
  3. The architect can also function as the project manager in charge of preparing schedules and harnessing the energy of everyone involved in the project. This is necessary to have a smooth and successful construction experience. The architect may also be in charge of managing the funds for the project, a role mostly shared with the civil engineer.

Roles of a civil engineer on construction sites

  1. The primary role of a civil engineer is to interpret and construct a building according to the architectural design. The civil engineer is also responsible for evaluating the quality of building materials provided to ensure that they meet all standards.
  2. The civil engineer is responsible for testing the systems and products and exploring the potential for errors to happen. The engineer is responsible for enforcing the safety protocols put in place for that purpose.
  3. The civil engineer may also carry out surveys of the land to be constructed on. While this is not always the case, they may still form an important part of the survey team.

The best construction agencies or companies combine the efforts of architects and civil engineers, just the way Galloway architects and civil engineers collaborate on projects to bring clients the best result. Although their functions are geared towards a common goal, they have basic differences that are clear.

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