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Things You Should Know About Vinyl Flooring


While vinyl records, have become largely obsolete like video recorders, and tape decks vinyl floor covering is in. As a flooring finish it is experiencing sales of record highs, vinyl flooring is flourishing and in hugely popular with homeowners. This is mainly because of the unique advantages that Vinyl Flooring Swindon supply. It’s very easy to install as well as maintain, long-lasting, as well as gives a comfortable surface to stroll on.

Yet, is the vinyl floor right for you? Prior to selecting vinyl, there are some crucial things you need to consider. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Types of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring covering is available in two kinds, sheet floor covering as well as tile floor covering. Sheet floor covering, which is put down in sheets that are 6-12 feet wide, is water-resistant and simple to install. Vinyl ceramic tile floor covering is available in floor tile sizes of 9 or 12 square inches; it replicates the look of a ceramic floor tile; however, it is more affordable. Deluxe Vinyl flooring tiles, which imitate wood or stone, can be found in plank shapes, commonly 7-inch-wide by 48-inch-long.

  • Vinyl Surfaces

There are three types of coatings for vinyl flooring, all of which offer a stunning outcome.

  • Plastic no-wax surface: This is the lightest type as well as is excellent for areas with light foot traffic as well as occasional direct exposure to dirt as well as moisture
  • Urethane coating: Even more resilient, this surface is heavier and can withstand moderate foot traffic as well as is also resistant to scuffing and very easy to tidy
  • Enhanced urethane finish: This is the toughest and most readily available and can withstand the heaviest foot traffic. It is extremely resistant to scratches and stains, and therefore maintains its good looks without the need for continuous care and cleaning
  • Ease of Installment

Installment of a vinyl floor covering is usually easier than the installment of various other floor covering materials. A floating vinyl sheet, as an example, doesn’t require staples or adhesives. Instead, peel and stick the plastic tiles by simply positioning and applying a little pressure on a suitably prepared subfloor. Vinyl flooring can easily be mounted over hardwood, concrete, or plywood. It can even be set up over existing vinyl; nonetheless, it isn’t really advised to apply if you have two or more preexisting layers.

  • Longevity

Vinyl flooring is very sturdy. If installed correctly and well maintained following appropriate guidance, it is able to last almost 10 to 20 years. That stated vinyl is an excellent selection for the areas in your home that obtain the most traffic. Furthermore, many vinyl floorings have a wear layer on its surface that stands up to scratches as well as spots. Some vinyl products even offer service warranties of up to 15 years on the wear layer. As with any flooring, the quality of the material that you acquire will impact how long it lasts and be reflected in its price.

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