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Three Things To Consider For Commercial Landscaping


Maintaining a commercial landscape needs more care and attention than what you’d give to residential landscaping. Whether you’re a business owner or a manager, not only do you need to make sure that your landscaping is beautiful and functional, but you also need to ensure that it is safe for employees, customers and clients who visit your property.

So, how do you balance commercial landscape maintenance? How do you ensure beauty, neatness, and safety is preserved on your property? Keeping it well-groomed at all times to avoid your landscaping from getting out of control and becoming a hazard is your first move. When you leave your landscaping unchecked, plants tend to gradually grow out of control, and by then, it makes it difficult to see and move around. It’s natural that shrubs grow larger and tree branches spread wide and far, and when this happens, they encroach walkways and start blocking driveways and parking lots, endangering everyone. Remember that thin, compacted and worn areas can also increase and further erosion which creates uneven and unstable areas and these can be risky to navigate.

In order to properly maintain and hardscaping installation columbus oh, you need to consider these three things:


Everything needs to be done at the right time, and this goes for landscape maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Commercial landscaping tasks need to be scheduled with a professional company to make both efficient use of time and resources, and if the timing is wrong, you can forget about effectiveness.

A commercial landscaping service provider knows the best times to water, prune, and mulch plants and gardening. They understand how to take advantage of environmental conditions, plant growth cycles and seasonal benefits of caring for landscapes. What’s great about this is that not only are they able to preserve nature, but they can maximise effective landscaping care and maintenance activities to save you time, money and resources.


The best practices and methods for commercial landscape maintenance services is essential! Professionals know and use the right tools and techniques according to the different plants and practices, like when pruning. The right tools, like sharp, cutting ones, are the best way to safely prune plants, and when done by the pros, both plants and personnel will remain safe. Blunt blades and dull tools can easily shred and main plant shoots and branches whereas sharp cutting blades give a clean cut minimising damage and promoting healing and growth. A commercial landscaping company also knows how to keep tools clean to increase efficiency and to prevent the spread of plant diseases.


No one should ever be surprised by this point. Edges are one of the most important parts in any landscaping sace. In fact, they are the most active and transitional parts in nature: whether it be sun and shade, fields and woods, land and water, edges are essential. Edges are everywhere, in streets and sidewalks, defined walkways and grassy areas, we navigate by edges. When commercial landscaping specialists manage and maintain edges, they are working to promote safety – and when left alone, edges can increase chances of injuries; an example of this is when a pile of leaves are left on the curb, they can hide edges and end up leading to people tripping and falling. Make sure that hardscapes are properly defined so that they prevent cars from hitting plants and trees, or accidently running off driveways, roads and parking areas. Neatly discernible edges also make properties more attractive and promote safety. Anyone who visits your commercial property will rave about your landscaping.

These three factors, as well as the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your commercial property and landscape maintenance will not only promote good plant health and well-being, but they’ll also enhance your property’’s aesthetics, make employees, tenants and clients proud to step onto your property.

It’s also important to remember that concrete hardscape products fl are an investment. In the long run, you’ll be happy that you made the decision to get a professional company to handle your landscaping needs. At Sydney Garden and Maintenance, we strive to provide the best landscaping services on the North Shore. Call us!

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