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House is an essence of who you are. Picking out the perfect countertop surfaces can be a task. There are different materials which are available for the countertops. Marble, Granite, Porcelain, and quartz countertops Mason OHare some of the most popular countertop surfaces material. Porcelain and Quartz are engineered stone surfaces that are quickly becoming more and more popular. Quartz is increasingly becoming a popular option. But when you are renovating or building your house, you need to know to make an informed decision about the countertop surface. Here is all that you need to know about the Quartz countertops.

The look and variety of the material available

When you are looking to get a countertop, you have to keep in mind that it matches the walls’ colors and fits into the décor that you have been planning. One of the main reasons to opt for a Quartz countertop is that it is available in various colors and designs. As it is an engineered material, multiple designs are available. However, suppose you are fond of naturally occurring stones. In that case, the quartz can be found in similar colors and are far more affordable.

Easy to Maintain: Resilience and Convenience 

One of the best things about engineered materials like Quartz is that they have been designed in such a way that they don’t have the same cons as the naturally occurring materials. Unlike naturally occurring materials, Quartz is non-porous. The slab doesn’t have to be sealed to protect from stains, bacteria, and molds. The finishes in a quartz countertop are built-in. The particles of Quartz are bound together firmly with the use of resin and polymers. With the surface being non-porous, the surfaces are food-safe as it doesn’t seep into the slab. This also makes the countertop more comfortable to clean and maintain as they resist staining. This quality of Quartz slab makes it the perfect option for both indoors and outdoors. The surface is also resistant to scratches, and due to the strength of the quartz particles, it can resist chipping and cracks.

Depth of the material                       

Many people can’t differentiate between quartz, porcelain, and the stones that occur naturally when they are made to resemble each other. But when you look closely and try to see from your skin, you will find out the difference between all the three materials. Quartz is made up of crushed rocks, resin, polymers, and even pigments, which make it look similar to natural stones like marble and granite. The countertops’ slabs come in large sizes, which helps it cover large or oddly shaped areas. The larger size of the slab also means that there are less likely to be any seams, and you can also make do with just one slab depending upon your needs. Using quartz might even give you a more uniform and seamless surface. Quartz is considered to be a green option.

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