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What to Consider When Choosing Exterior Paint Colours for Your Home


Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, Australia and is considered to be the third most populous with an estimated population of over 2.5 million residents. As of 2016 estimates, the population density of the Greater Brisbane area is 148 inhabitants per square kilometres. This density means that the average lot of areas in Brisbane is large enough for large homes to be built upon. There are several luxury home builders in Brisbane that can customise your home design based on the lot area and topography. 

When you plan to have your house built, one of the major things to consider is the exterior paint of your home. Most home contractors will already include the house painting in their appraisals. However, it is still important to get involved with the painting process to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Here are some of the considerations when planning the exterior paint colours of your home. 

  • The colour schemes

Before choosing your home’s new colour scheme, you must first check to see if your neighbourhood has any guidelines to what colours are acceptable that will conform to the overall look and feel of the community. 

  • The paint quality

If it is within your budget, choose the highest quality of paints since they will last longer, especially if the paint is to be used outdoors. Higher quality paints will have more premium resins and pigments, which are highly preferred by commercial painting contractors. 

  • Type of paint

You have two types of paint to choose from. Latex paints are water-based paints that leave no residual odour. However, latex paints do not last as long as the alkyd paints. Alkyd paints, on the other hand, are compound-based paints which leave residual odours and fumes while they are still drying. Professional Residential Painters nevertheless prefer the alkyd paints since they are more durable and stain-resistant. Alkyd paints will also require fewer brush strokes than latex paints to cover an area. 

Choosing the Perfect Exterior Paint Colours

The exterior paint colours that you choose for your home will set the scene for what is inside. While the colours you choose will reflect your personality, it is also important to get the overall feel of your community and compromise with the community’s overall aesthetics. It is important to take cues from the homes surrounding your home and choose an exterior colour scheme that will work together, harmoniously with the other homes in your community. 

  • Three Complementary Exterior Shades

Most professional colour consultants from luxury home builders in Brisbane will suggest a palette of three complementary colours for your external home paint. One colour for your walls, one for the trims, and an accent colour. While some communities may have guidelines on exterior wall colours, you can still show your personality by choosing what colour you want for your external accent pieces. 

  • Do Not Over Personalise Your Colour Scheme

When choosing exterior paint colours, do not over personalise your colour schemes, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future. Potential home buyers may be turned off with the idea that they have to repaint the entire home because of your over-personalised colour palette. 

  • Match Colours with Permanent Materials

If your home has brick or stone foundations, patios, or accents, it is best to choose exterior paint colours that will complement the underlying tones of the permanent materials. 

While the interior paint of your home is more about your personality, the exterior paint should have more emphasis on durability. The paint quality, the type of paint, and the colour scheme that you choose for your home’s exterior are all important factors in making sure that your paint will last. 

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