Philadelphia personal injury case: How much do attorneys charge?


A few things in life are worse than suffering injuries because of someone’s wrongdoing. If you were injured in a car crash or were hit by a vehicle, you could file a personal injury lawsuit. Other personal injury cases include slip & fall cases, medical practice, and work-related injuries. Each case is unique in its ways, but no matter the consequences, hiring one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys would help. Victims often don’t hire a lawyer because they aren’t sure what to expect from the case or costs. How much does hiring an attorney for personal injury lawsuits in Philadelphia really cost? We have a guide below for your help!

Beware of lawyers asking for an upfront fee

Unlike criminal lawyers, who usually charge clients by the hour for the work, personal injury lawyers work in a different way. Regardless of whether they are dealing with medical practice or car accident claims, an injury attorney takes a contingency fee. The arrangement is simple, where the lawyer only gets paid if they win a settlement for the client. It is certainly a red sign if an attorney asks for an upfront fee to meet you or take your case. 

The first meeting doesn’t cost a dime

That’s true too. Most personal injury law firms in PA tend to offer a free initial consultation session. The meeting is meant to discuss the facts of the case. The lawyer will ask a bunch of questions, and in return, you can ask questions related to their experience and expertise. While no lawyer can ever promise an exact outcome, they can share what you can expect in the recovery. The financial settlement in a personal injury case depends on several factors, including your share of fault. 

How much is the contingency fee?

An attorney’s contingency fee will depend on things like their experience, complex aspects of the case, and the expected settlement. The general range is between 25% a d 40%. Most lawyers will take the decided percentage of the settlement only when you have received the money. Investigation and other costs are likely, and it is best to ask the lawyer if they can advance those expenses for you – at least for the initial period.

As you may have guessed, hiring an attorney doesn’t have to be about a fat upfront fee right away. Call the attorney soon after the accident to get legal advice. 

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