What Causes Reckless Driving?


There are thousands of families in the United States that have lost a member to a reckless driver. Reckless driving is among the biggest causes of fatal road accidents. Such drivers break the rules and violate laws, intentionally or unintentionally, with no regard to the lives of others. 

Reckless driving is criminal behavior. It is not as simple as speeding, where you only get a ticket. It is considered a criminal offense and has harsh penalties. If you were harmed due to a careless driver, you might be suffering significant injuries. You will probably require the assistance of a Los Angeles car accident attorneys to make sure the driver does not get away before compensating you. 

Causes of reckless driving


  • DUI.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can pose a great threat to your safety and others on the road. Alcohol impairs your vision and ability to make safe judgment calls, two elements that are essential when operating a vehicle. Alcohol also boosts confidence in humans, which results in reckless behavior, such as speeding, running red lights, and driving the wrong way. 

If a driver injures you in a drunken state, they will face additional criminal charges other than paying your compensation. 


  • Road rage. 


When a person is angered and frustrated with something going on in their life, they tend to think about it while driving, which affects their ability to think clearly. They may attempt to release their anger and frustration by acting recklessly on the road, such as speeding, passing too close to another car, and tailgating. Such a situation can lead to a catastrophic accident.


  • Inexperience. 


Reckless driving emerging from inexperience is most commonly seen in teenagers. Teenagers are often excited about getting a driver’s license and driving on the road. Therefore, they immediately get on the road after getting a license and do not allow themselves to practice. Since they are new on the road, they do not understand the dangers of speeding, racing, red-light running, unsafe lane changing, and running from police. Many teens also do this under peer pressure. Most teens are not aware of how catastrophic reckless driving can be, and thus they indulge in such behavior. Parents should watch how their teen operates a vehicle; otherwise, they may ruin not only other people’s lives but theirs as well. 


  • Impatience. 


A driver who is late to an event or wants to reach their destination faster is most likely to go over the speed limit. Speeding is a common form of reckless driving. This can be avoided by leaving for the destination early. The extent of force is huge in speeding accidents. It may result in severe injuries or even death. 

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