Victim of Wage Theft? Here is What You Need to do


Each employee working in any organization expects to be paid for the amount of hard-working work they are putting in. But if this gets hampered and you have underpaid without any specific reason, you have all the right to stand against this. A Las Vegas Civil Rights Attorney can advise you on what should be the best course of action for a victim of age theft. Below in this post, we have mentioned some things you must do if you sense that you are a victim of wage theft.


  • Scrap details about your pay


This is the fundamental right you have when your company pays your salary. You have complete authority to ask for the breakdown of the compensation you are being paid. You can also question the reimbursements, allowances, and other expenses that have been deducted from your salary. If this information is not being provided to you when you have asked, then in this scenario, you can ask for a detailed breakdown of how your paycheck is calculated. If the employer refuses to share this information, then remember the date of refusal. Or, if the rejection comes as a document, you must save it. 


  • Start documenting


Once you figure out something wrong with your salary. From that very moment, you must start documenting everything from your paychecks to all the applications and the replies that you get from your employer. All of these things will come in handy when you take legal action against them and clarify how much money they have deducted from your salary.


  • Consult your HR Team


While you are documenting everything, you must also get in touch with the human resource department and flag them about the inconvenience that has been happening with you. Ensure that you provide this in writing to your HR to assist you and HR. If your HR has any authority, they will take action and help you with all the trouble caused. 


  • Start looking for new jobs


If you cannot develop a solution internally, the most straightforward course of action is to leave the organization. Instead, if you choose to stay and continue with your employer, it will consume a lot of time, but also, if your employer/boss has a connection in the industry that you are working in, it can even hamper your chances of you getting a job. Your skills will be better paid at a place where they value you and the work that you are delivering.


  • Consult a legal professional


There are plenty of laws that protect the rights of employees and these kinds of situations. You must hire an experienced civil rights attorney, explain your case, and get their advice.  

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