When can I Receive The Amount of Settlement?- The Time Frame Uncovered


After filing a claim with an insurance company, you might want to get the compensation as soon as possible so that you can look after the medical expenses and car repairs in a better manner. However, you should be aware of the fact that there is no definite time in which you will get the amount. It depends on several factors and may vary from case to case. That’s why, you should always contact a Columbia City auto accident attorney because he can expedite the case.

An overview of a car accident settlement 

A car accident settlement should not start without having an attorney on your side. This is because, he will give you a fair idea of how much time it will take, Moreover, he can even suggest what you should state in front of the insurance company so that the claim can be filed successfully and does not undergo rejection. 

After you have filed the claim along with medical bills and documents, the company will assess the documents. If they find out that the claim is valid, the insurance adjuster may get in touch with you with the settlement amount. It is not a good idea to respond to them without the assistance of a qualified lawyer. He will suggest the best way to interact with them. The lawyer can negotiate with them and ask for the fair amount you deserve. During the negotiation and compilation of evidence, unexpected delays may happen. It is suggested to set your expectations right before filing the claim.

Factors affecting the settlement process

It is significant to learn what factors affect your settlement process. Some of them are elaborated below:

Determining liability- The important factor in the settlement of the claim is the liability. It may take some time to investigate the case and establish the liability. Attorneys of both parties may argue on this point and refuse the charges.

Recovery time– If you have suffered severe injuries after a car accident, you need some time to recover from them. You can give details of medical bills once the treatment is over. 

Contacting witnesses- If you have given details of witnesses in the claim, you may need to contact them. Rather, your lawyer will speak to them on your behalf. This process may take several months because it is not easy to get hold of them and convince them.

You must follow the attorney’s instructions to fasten the process. 

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