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The Perfect Housewarming Party You Would Choose


The inauguration of a new house is an important phase of the couple’s life. It means opening your new nest to your closest friends and relatives, to share with them the pleasure, novelty, regeneration and freshness of a new phase of life. Then it is the time for the moving announcements.


What It Means

Opening the new house means giving it life, opening it to the future, sharing it with the people who accompany us and who are close to us during our life as a couple.

  • The inauguration of one’s home represents an important moment, symbolically the first use of every aspect of one’s home. For that moment everything, or almost everything, must be ready, or at least usable in an appropriate way.
  • We have inaugurated our home with a crowd of human beings. A crowd, at least as far as we are concerned, there were over twenty people in just over 90 square meters. The only detail out of place: the curtains, since we don’t have them yet.
  • In reality, the preparation of the event in itself little differs from any party, gathering, meeting that you have organized from 13 years onwards.

As always, we must ensure that everything is present in abundance, with a fair margin: better something more than something less. Better to ask their guests to take away some small pretzels (honestly we couldn’t do it in two) than to answer “I’m sorry, they are finished!” at the request of another glass.


But let’s see in detail a mini check list for the inauguration

Having chosen the date, organized the event, established the list of guests for the inauguration of the new house, we must find ways to create a stimulating and effective invitation. For the housewarming party invites also now you will be having the best invitation cards.

Here are some ideas for creating an invitation for the inauguration of the new house:

  • Take a video and share it in a private group, via whatsapp or facebook
  • Deliver an old-fashioned paper invitation sent by post to your closest friends
  • Organize a dinner or a simple pizza and have each participant take out a note, including the invitation for the inauguration of the new house

In short, find a way to transform the inauguration of a new house into an invitation with bows.


New buffet house opening

Now, what are you preparing? What will you cook to inaugurate the new house as God commands?

Many opt for an inauguration buffet: prepare different dishes, arrange them on a table and do not set the classic table but let everyone be free to serve themselves as they see fit and prefer.It’s a nice way that allows you to choose the buffet menu in a creative and tasty way.The new housewarming recipes are many and always creative and delicious. You can also choose to combine vegetarian and meat inauguration menus, mixing different choices and options.


New house opening: practical advice

How can you inaugurate the new home in an effective and fun way?

Here are some useful and immediately applicable tips. We have also searched for texts and tools that can be useful for finding original ideas for the inauguration of the new house.

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